Who are we?

Remote_CTRL is a collaboration between creative tech innovators MiMU Gloves and filmpro, a digital arts organisation led by Disabled artists.

Curation + Production
The residency is produced and curated by Izzi Valentine. Izzi is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, working from a neuroqueer perspective. They are also an e-textiles technician at MiMU and an assistant to filmpro's Artistic Director Caglar Kimyoncu, which organically drew filmpro and MiMU together.

Artist Mentors
Our artists mentors will run group workshops and 1-1 mentoring sessions with the resident artists, offering creative, technical and professional support.

The team includes the super talented artists and innovators: Kris Halpin, Bishi, Ginger Leigh, Lula.xyz, Chagall, Suren Seneviratne, MaryLiz Bender, and Imogen Heap.

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Kris Halpin

Portait of Kris Halpin by Josefa Torres. Kris, a white man with tattoos, short dark hair and a beard, stands against a dark background. He wears a Tic Tac No t-shirt and MiMU Gloves, which emit swirls of blue and purple light from small LEDs. A glitchy shaddow suggests motion or change.v

Kris Halpin, aka Dyskinetic, is a songwriter, singer and pioneering performer. Most commonly known for playing MiMu Gloves, Kris was the first artist to use MiMu Gloves as an accessibility tool. Facing increasing disabling physical barriers to music making, Kris worked with Drake Music and MiMu to explore the accessibility potential of the gloves. Kris’ work happens at the intersection between music, technology and disability, and has received worldwide acclaim.

Kris has toured extensively with the gloves throughout the UK and Europe, as well as in the US and Japan. A widely respected and highly visible Disabled artist and Disability activist, Kris has worked closely with organisations such as the BBC, PRS Foundation, VSA: Kennedy Center, Independent Venue Week & the British Council to amplify the conversation around music and disability.

A graduate of the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, Kris has also used his visual background to inform the aesthetics of access concepts that the gloves naturally serve.

Some of Kris' Specialist Skills

  • Music composition
  • Music production w/ Ableton Live & Logic Pro X
  • Designing musical interfaces for Glover
  • Large scale show production
  • Audience engagement
  • Disability Equality & Representation
  • Creative Problem solving
  • Productivity and Project Management


Portrait of Bishi by Zuzanna. Bishi, a South Asian woman, with pink lipstick and teal eye-shaddow, wears a futuristic looking black and white outfit with sculptural shoulders. Against a dark background and blurred blue light, she gazes out into the distance.

Bishi is a singer, electronic rock-sitarist, composer, producer, and performer born in London of Bengali heritage. As a multi-instrumentalist, she has been trained in both Hindustani and Western Classical styles and studied the sitar under Gaurav Mazumdar, a senior disciple of Ravi Shankar.

Bishi is the founder of WITCiH: The Women in Technology Creative Industries Hub, a platform elevating Womxn in Tech. In 2021 she curated WITCiH Digital; an online festival headlined by Laurie Anderson.

Bishi's collaborations and commissions for the stage include The London Symphony Orchestra, The Kronos Quartet, Yoko Ono's Meltdown’, The Science Gallery, Joanna McGregor, Nick Knight's SHOWstudio’, an ASVOFF film award with fashion designer Manish Arora, and collaborations with Sean Ono Lennon, Jarvis Cocker, Richard Norris, Daphne Guinness & City of London Sinfonia as a Tanpura soloist on Jonny Greenwood's 'Water.' She produced LANDR's first ever Sitar sample library for electric Sitar.


Ginger, a white woman with purple hair, pink lipstick and various piercings, looks at us from between her hands, wearing MiMU Gloves. The background is dark, and bright light glimmers across Ginger's hair and face.

Ginger Leigh, a.k.a Synthestruct, is a multi-disciplined artist who works with sensors and data to create real-time, multi-modal experiences that explore how we connect with and understand the world around us. Sound being a core topic of interest in her work, she examines the relationship between sound and its visual embodiment through live performances and installations.

Through creating interactive audio and visual systems for her performances, she explores how movement, gesture, and other methods of interactive control can be used in intuitive ways to create real-time dynamic compositions. She utilizes the MiMu gloves to control all of the live audio and visual elements during her full dome performance "Viscerality" and ARTECHOUSE DC performance "VAST", as well as using the gloves in a number of other creative ways including controlling lighting, and composing music through her modular synths.

Some of Ginger's Specialist Skills

  • TouchDesigner, TouchOSC, Ableton
  • OSC + MIDI
  • Generative visual design, Audio design, Experience design
  • Sensor integration
  • Creative coding


Lula Mebrahtu, a.k.a lula.xyz is a creative enigma. Habesha by way of London, lula.xyz is the vanguard of creative expression. Equipped with cutting edge technology MiMu Gloves and a soulful timbre which carries the weight of her heritage, lula.xyz makes levitation through sound waves possible, singing about a lived experience of the past, present, and future.

From My Hands To Your Ears” is a sonic time capsule cataloguing a journey of the new age musical interface MiMu Gloves (a gestral instrument), which lula.xyz, as an early adopter, has been spearheading its development throughout her live performances these past 5 years. “From My Hands To Your Ears”, opens wide a window into a universe of liberated truths. It is a warm and welcoming ‘Hello’ from an artist who’s songs are akin to a young blossoming bonsai tree. And pays homage to a creative process and the introduction of a musical ancestry that will take you on a journey through The Jazzy streets of Dalston, a Habesha+NYLon tribal & electro grit landscape, a New Orleans “Doo Wop” road trip to Mars and an Infectious a cappella between somewhere, nowhere and everywhere.


Portrait of Chagall by Eduardo Fitch. Chagall, a white woman with blond hair and red lipstick, wears a sculptural pink dress, with huge spikey shoulders. She wears MiMU Gloves, and holds her hands poised in front of her. The background is a grainy blue to red gradient.

Chagall is an electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, performer & technology innovator. She creates audio-visual live music performances that reimagine the world of live electronica. With new motion based controller technologies she uses the movement of her body to control all electronic sounds
and visuals in real-time.

In 2019 she created Advaita for which she turned the Xsens motion capture suit into a full body musical instrument. The motion capture suits enables her to control real-time avatars that dance with her on the screen. The result is a synergy of movement, music and visual effects performance that is understood intuitively and emotionally.

Chagall is currently working on a LED & live lighting installation that she will also react to her music and movement to perform the songs she has written during the lockdown.

Some of Chagall's Specialist Skills

  • Sensor technology for music
  • Music production (Ableton live)
  • Live visuals
  • Controlling lights with movement
  • Some programming

Suren Seneviratne

Portrait of Suren by Oliver Holms. Suren, a South Asian man with long hair, stands against a scrappy blue wall, with Ivy falling either side of him. He wears a bright orange bomber jacket, patterned shirt, and kakhi trousers.

Suren Seneviratne (My Panda Shall Fly / Petit Oiseau) is a Sri Lankan born musician and DJ working in visual art, new media, sound and text. Since 2011, his prolific musical output of original music and remixes has garnered praise from the likes of Pitchfork, FACT and Boiler Room while collaborations with video artists like Werkflow, Daniel Swan and Yoshi Sodeoka has cemented his position as one of the most eclectic new artistic voices in recent years.

Recently, Seneviratne has gone on to work on various projects lending his expertise both as lead creative or behind-the-scenes. Clients include Breakin' Convention at Sadlers Wells, Google VR, Gucci, Red Bull Music, Novation and Camden Roundhouse.

Some of Suren's Specialist Skills

  • Music production
  • Songwriting
  • Sound design
  • Mixing
  • DJing

MaryLiz Bender

MaryLiz, a white woman with long blonde hair, wears a black t-shirt. She is moving her hands, while wearing MiMU Gloves. Behind her are books, potted plants, a computer monitor and a microphone. On the white walls are images of space crafts taking off. 

MaryLiz Bender is an artist, musician, programmer, and space age storyteller. As co-founder and Creative Director of Cosmic Perspective, she designs space exploration films, immersive AR and VR experiences, and multimedia show productions. All of her work aims to shift perspective by bringing new awareness to the vast Cosmos in which we live, and which lives in us.

As a MI.MU "Glover," she creates electronic music under her new monicker “Annu,” and with her band Twin Limb. By combining her passions of space exploration, music, and technology, she uses the gloves to look toward the future and ask, "How will we take our humanity with us to the stars?" Having always revered the gloves as the perfect technology for space travel, she is working with NASA to research what new art forms and music may arise when astronauts use the gloves in the space environment. They are aiming to send the gloves with an astronaut to the International Space Station in early 2022.

Imogen Heap

Portrait of Imogen Heap by Fiona Garden. Imogen, a white woman with dark hair intentionally highlighted with grey, wears MiMU Gloves, against a dark background, with blue and yellow beams of light swirling from the LEDs on the gloves.

And finally... our guest artist, and MiMU Gloves founder, Imogen Heap, who will run a workshop with the resident artists.

Self-produced British composer and recording artist for 25 years, Imogen Heap has released five solo albums, another as one half of Frou Frou and collaborated with countless and varied artists including Taylor Swift, Nitin Sawhney, Deadmau5, Eric Whitacre, Jeff Beck and Jon Hopkins.

Heap, recognised as an artist's artist, has won two Grammys and an Ivor Novello award. In recognition of her pioneering work at the intersection of music and tech, Heap has a hat trick of three honorary doctorates for the gestural music-ware 'MI.MU gloves' system and recently for ’The Creative Passport’, an integrated digital ID solution, empowering music makers to be the change toward a fair and flourishing music ecosystem.

Between projects a constant for the past year is every Thursday afternoon, Imogen Q&A chats with her fans via The Listening Chair with those who subscribe to Imogenheap.app to collaborate together on Augmented Imogen, Imogen's in dev AI.