Resident Artists

Of the many fantastic applications and innovative proposals we received, we've thrilled to announce our 5 Resident Artists for Summer 2021.

Meet Our Resident Artists for Summer 2021

Of the many fantastic applications and innovative proposals we received, we've thrilled to announce our 5 Resident Artists for Summer 2021. They are:

Andrea Spisto

Against a streaky painted blue backdrop Andrea, a Latinx person with mid-length dark hair and a black vest top, caresses their face with their hands, wrists crossed, and peaks out from behind fingers and a fringe.

Andrea Spisto is a Venezuelan/Curaçaoean performance artist, film-maker and neuroqueer clown, whose work focuses on playful autobiographical exploration through physical masks (characters) that delve into the corners of the psyche. The work follows thematic interweaving, moving adjacent to narrative storytelling.

Straddling live art, comedy, theatre and clowning, Andrea’s work has been described as genre smashing, surreal, gentle and exuberant. Andrea is a graduate in Devising Theatre & Performance at LISPA (Art-Haus Berlin) in Lecoq, specialising in clown through mask & embodied movement.

Works include: Miss Venezuela (2018), Butch Princesa (2019-2021), Tylor and Vincent: The Pilot (2018), Tylor and Vincent: Pussy and Money (2019), 50 Ways to Kill A Slug (2019), Tylor and Vincent: At Home (2020), Isla/Island (2021)

Venus Ex Machina

Venus Ex Machina, a Black woman wearing black clothes with a silver collar, strikes one of two large brassy domes with a drumstick. She is at the top of a grand staircase, with some electronic interfaces laid out in front of her.

Venus Ex Machina is a composer, producer and technologist with a background in mathematics and engineering. Her projects include releases on AD93, NON Worldwide and Optimo Music, an installation for Hyperdub, a score for the ICA & Channel 4; and work with Berklee College of Music, Slade School of Fine Art, Tate Britain, Café Oto, SHAPE Platform, Somerset House Studios and the V&A Museum.

In 2018, she developed a “pirate AI” opera as a Fellow of CTM Festival, and led a workshop on radio transmitter building at Moogfest. In 2019, she was featured in a documentary by FACT Magazine and the British Council, “Sonic Futures: How Technology is Guiding Electronic Music”. She has also engaged in outreach as a member of Code Liberation which catalyses gender diversity in creative technology.

Venus Ex Machina is currently engaged in research exploring the distinct expressive opportunities and ethical considerations inherent to music and artificial intelligence.

Rylan Gleave

Portrait of Rylan: against a dark background, a white man with light brown hair and a small earring looks into the distance. He wears a black jacket and scarf.

Rylan Gleave is a Glasgow-based composer and vocalist whose music addresses intersectional identity, re-contextualised natural situations, and quiet, furious resistance. His musical practice is inclusive, and involves mending the unfeigned gaps in his classical study with the healings of imaginative neuro-/gender-divergent kinship.

His music has been praised as ‘haunting’ by The Herald, and ‘rapturous’ by The Scotsman, who named him ‘One to Watch’ 2021, describing him as ‘one of the brightest lights in Scotland’s new music scene’. Rylan is graduating from a Master of Music Degree in July 2021 at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, after studying with Dr. Linda Buckley.'

Amble Skuse

Amble, a white person with short red-brown hair, wearing a summery black dress, stands in front of an industrial looking wall. A large round mirror refelects golden sun.

Amble’s work focused on using voices, speech patterns, found sound, and live interactive processing to explore ideas of identity & location. She works with live instruments, electronics, Logic and Max/MSP and body sensors to create soundscapes, improvisations, networked performances, and compositions.
Amble was commissioned to write a bespoke piece for instruments and technology for the British ParaOrchestra. Charles Hazlewood described her as a fierce creative spirit [that] could  not be more welcome! We couldn't ignore Amble's violinistic brilliance (a true sonic adventurer)”.

Her most recent work We Ask These Questions of Everybody is a digital opera exploring the lives of Disabled people in the UK through an interview with the government agency responsible for  disability support. The opera was written rehearsed and recorded in a networked ensemble during the first lockdown on 2020. It was premiered at Scotland's Sound Festival and gained a 5 start review from The i Politically important and an artistic triumph”.

Ben Lunn

Ben, a white man with short blonde-brown hair, wearing yellow glasses and black clothes, conducts a group of musicians. 

Ben Lunn is a Mackem composer who studied at the Royal Welsh College of  Music and Drama under the guidance of Peter Reynolds, and also the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre with Marius Baranauskas. He has also received mentorship from composers Param Vir and Stuart MacRae. Since graduating from his Master’s Lunn relocated to Glasgow, where he currently resides; working as conductor, musicologist, teacher and composer. As a composer, Lunn’s music reflects the material world around him, connecting to his North-Eastern heritage or how disability impacts the world around him or his working-class upbringing.

Powerful, poignant and deeply moving, Lunn’s composition certainly represents the spirit of Disability History Month 2018 and our current struggle for justice. Gemma Nash, Disability Arts Online

Lunn’s music has been described as ‘Evocative’, ‘Restrained Otherwordliness’, ‘Chilling’, ‘sophisticated and most importantly obsessive’ or ‘produces…glorious roaring sounds’ and ‘desolate monotone’. He has also been referred to as a ‘Composer of life music’.

‘His work extends the palette of sounds that can be brought into contemporary classical music, redefining both modern composition and concert-hall inclusion.’ Alan Morrison, Rhinegold Publishing

Winner of two Scottish Music Awards 2020 for his work with Hebrides Ensemble and Drake Music Scotland. Lunn is associate artist for Drake Music and Drake Music Scotland, and Trainee Artistic Director of the Hebrides Ensemble. Current projects include a commission for Durham Brass Festival, Royal Scottish National Orchestra’s Composers Hub 2020-21, a new work for the Royal Northern Sinfonia, Ensemble Proton Bern’s ProtonWerk 11, Making Music UK’s Adopt a Music Creator 2020-21 where he has been partnered in the inaugural Collaborate Pathway which partners him with Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra and Ugie Voices, and a theatrical collaboration with Daryl Beeton Productions. In 2021, Ben helped found the Disabled Artist Network, an organisation which is bridging the gap between the professional world and disabled artists. In 2020 Ben was elected to the Musician’s Union Equalities Commission.