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Remote_CTRL is a new research and development residency. We’re inviting five Disabled creatives to spend the summer of 2021 making new work, exploring and expanding their creative practice with the use of MiMU Gloves.

2021 Applications Now Closed

Remote_CTRL R&D Residency

Remote_CTRL is a new research and development residency. We’re inviting five Disabled creatives to spend the summer of 2021 making new work, exploring and expanding their creative practice with the use of MiMU Gloves.

MiMU Gloves are a wearable motion-based controller / musical instrument. As a new and evolving technology, there is massive scope for innovation in how the gloves can be used, and we’re excited to see how resident artists take their gloves in new directions during their residencies.

We are looking for a group of creatives working in or across music, sound art, visual art, performance, augmented or mixed reality, or any other media, who are enthusiastic and curious about integrating the MiMU Gloves into their practice.

Remote_CTRL will provide each artist their own pair of MiMU Gloves (and software) to keep, and will host a series of talks and workshops with industry innovators, one-to-one technical support and creative mentoring, access support, and opportunities to publicly share their work in progress.

Residents will also be invited to collaborate on a research study, developed in partnership with MiMU and University of the West England (UWE Bristol), to document the project and expand on existing knowledge about MiMU Gloves and their use.

As a remote residency, all group work and events will take place online.

The residency is open to artists who self-identify as Disabled, and our approach is informed by the social model of Disability with an understanding of intersectionality. We strongly encourage applications from women and non-binary people, Black people and people of colour, and people from working-class or lower income backgrounds. Artists may be at any stage in their career, and must be over the age of 18, and based in the UK.

Remote_CTRL Residency is a collaboration between MiMU Gloves and filmpro, with support from PRS Foundation’s Open Fund, Arts Council England, UWE Bristol, Pervasive Media Studio, and Ableton.

Key dates

  • Open Call apply before 11pm 7th June 2021
  • Shortlisted artists will be informed by 11th June 2021
  • Interviews Monday 14th June
  • Residency runs 1st July - 30th September 2021, and includes:

Group workshops on alternating Saturdays
1-1 creative and tech support as required, and as per availability
Pervasive Media Studio Lunchtime Talk 24th September 2021
Closing events late September 2021
Research analysis and evaluation sessions

Artist fee

  • Artist stipend: £2,000
  • Equipment budget: £500
  • There is a limited budget available to contribute towards artists’ access costs throughout the residency.


Resident artists will be selected by a panel of Disabled and non-disabled artists and technologists.

How to Apply?

We are inviting curiosity and exploration. If you already have an idea of where your research may take you, that’s great – if your project opens up more questions than it answers, even better.

Application Statement: In approximately 500 words of written text, or 3-5 minutes of video or audio, please introduce yourself, your creative practice, any relevant experience, and the direction you would like to take your work during this research and development project. Please save applications as: 'First Name_Last Name_Application'

Please also attach a portfolio of recent work saved as 'First Name_Last Name_Portfolio', or link to a website where we can engage with your work. This could be your own website, somewhere your work has been featured, or a profile on a streaming site.

In your email, please provide your full name (given or chosen) and phone number, and write ‘Application’ in the email subject line.

Please also fill out a Diversity and Inclusion Monitoring form. This confidential form will gather anonymous data, NOT linked to your application. The purpose is to check that we are reaching a diverse group of people, and if not – to show us who we must take further steps to include.

Email applications to: residencies [at] mimugloves [dot] com

The closing date for applications is: 11pm, 7th June 2021

Applications received after this time will not be considered.

If you have any questions,  or if you would like to access this information in other formats, please contact us at residencies [at] mimugloves [dot] com or call/text 07565 228520

Application Checklist

Apply before 11pm, 7th June 2021

Email subject line

  • ‘Application’

Email body

  • Name
  • Phone number


  • Application Statement (around 500 words / 3-5 minutes)
  • Portfolio / Website

Diversity monitoring form


Who can apply?
You are invited to apply if you meet all of the following:

  • You are over the age of 18
  • You live and work mostly in the UK
  • You identify as Disabled

What do you mean by ‘Disabled’?

Using the Social Model of Disability, we understand Disabled to mean anyone who meets barriers in their daily life, on account of our society not being inclusive of people with impairments. We use this single broad term with a politics of solidarity across difference.

Within the term Disabled we include, without limiting to, people who are Physically Disabled, Learning Disabled, Neurodivergent, Deaf, hearing impaired, visually impaired, Sick, living with a long-term physical or mental health condition, and anyone who identifies themself as Disabled.

Do you need to have a particular technical / digital skill set already, like programming and coding?

No. This is an opportunity to share knowledge and to learn. All technical levels welcome to apply, as long as you are keen to explore the relationship between hardware and software. Whether you’re completely new to working with MIDI and OSC or already a pro, our creative and technical support team will meet you at your level.

Do you need to have an academic / research background?

No. There will be workshops to introduce potential research methods. Then it is up to you how you choose to engage with the group research element of the programme. Resident artists will be invited to collectively decide on research questions, and modes of gathering data - for example, interviewing one another, journaling/blogging, or whatever each person decides upon. The research analysis will primarily take place in group workshops. Then a paper will be co-written with creative technologists / academics from UWE. Their role is to organise, formalise and structure the collective research.

Can the gloves control live visuals or lighting?

Yes! Some artists have already begun to work with the gloves to control stage lighting (Imogen Heap, Tessa Bide), and to manipulate live visuals (Synthestruct, Chagall). And this is absolutely the kind of creative and interdisciplinary exploration we hope to see in the residencies.

The gloves work with MIDI or OSC protocols, which though developed with music interfaces in mind, have many other possibilities to investigate. And our creative and tech team will be available to share their knowledge and support this kind research.

We will regularly update these FAQs. If you have any other questions, please email residencies [at] mimugloves [dot] com or call/text 07565 228520

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