Remote_CTRL is a new research and development residency. We’re inviting five Disabled creatives to spend the summer of 2021 making new work, exploring and expanding their creative practice with the use of MiMU Gloves.

MiMU Gloves are a wearable motion-based musical instrument / controller. As a new and evolving technology, there is massive scope for innovation in how the gloves can be used, and we’re excited to see how resident artists take their gloves in new directions during their residencies.

Remote_CTRL will provide each artist their own pair of MiMU Gloves (and software) to keep, and will organise a series of talks and workshops with industry innovators, one-to-one technical support and creative mentoring, access support, and opportunities to publicly share their work in progress.

Residents will also be invited to collaborate on a research study, developed in partnership with MiMU and UWE Bristol, to document the project and expand on what is known about MiMU Gloves and how they can be used.

Remote_CTRL Residency is a collaboration between MiMU Gloves and filmpro, with support from PRS Foundation’s Open Fund, Arts Council England, UWE Bristol, Pervasive Media Studio, and Ableton.